What argues for

Hein Weber's Wender

Stefan Br.
...no matter if right- or left-handed, with heinz webers wenderyou stay in control over your fried food.

Karl J.P.
...meanwhile heinz webers wenderis in use at our place all the time! ... Ingeniously!!!

Isabel K.
...this auxiliary tool heinz webers wenderis one of my favourites! First place in my kitchen!

Paul ST.
This thing is gooood !!!!!

Martin W.
To the makers of heinz webers wender:
"Nothing is that strong, as an idea, whose time has come." Quote from Viktor Hugo

Christan M.
..."Tool against the funbling", you'll never start cooking without it. Bravo!

Andreas W.
...nearly one year ago I bought heinz webers wenderand I still come to the conclusion: If there is something to turn at the cooker or the oven, just catch heinz webers wenderand the problem is solved in one "Turn". A smart enrichment.

Markus L.
Dear Mr. Weber,
thanks a lot for the information and the "spectacular wender". Unfortunately, it will not be used in the show "Fernsehküche" on Friday because otherwise we would get into hot water!
The reason are the rigorous avertisement guidelines. There are even problems some time, if Johann L. brings along a new saltshaker.
Nevertheless, I wish you all the best for your smart invention!

Alfons Sch.
I wish you that there will be sold more than 1000 pieces of this ingenious thing very soon!

Mark O.
...feels good, is coherent and makes sense. Moreover, it is processed very well.

Jürgen Sch.
W-W easy to handle and „brilliant“ !

Kjell B.
Just received W-W. I like it, it is a very convenient "tool" for the kitchen.

Bernd O.
The video os absolutely convincing. W-W is something for people who cook more than the famous fried egg. No more grease spots on the pants when I forgot the apron.

Jutta und Rolf P.
... one says about chocolate that it is quadratic, convenient, good. After using W-W for the first time one can say, it's not qudratic but long, extremely convenient and truly good. That's what convinced us. Why is W-W there only now?

Martina B.
... my boyfriend discovered this invention at the coiffeur and is nuts about it. Just ordered it and been avid.

J. M.
... today I used W-W for the first time. Great - just great!!!

Dr. Peter K.
The left-handed version is just amazing.

Melitta S..
Weber’s-Wender is simple and just ingenious.